COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing For Employers

Starts at $45 Per Test

Testing can be offered in all 50 states.

Results are stored, tracked, and reported to the employer by Next Direct.

Employees can be tested at home or at the workplace and are self-administered.

Each test can be proctored via telemedicine or onsite encounter depending on the needs of the employer.

Cost for the program is a global fee per test that includes the test kit, all tracking, reporting and surveillance.

Testing can be used for OSHA compliance of non-vaccinated persons, any employee with concerning symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.

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More Than 50 Employees

51 or more tests per week are charged at $45 per test.

Under 50 Employees

50 or less tests per week are charged at $50 per test.

COVID-19 Testing for Individuals

Starts at $50 Per Test

PCR Test: $75 Member

Rapid Test: $50 Member

PCR Test: $90 Non-Member

Rapid Test: $75 Non-Member

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