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“Putting Health Care to Work”

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"Next Direct has been a great asset to our company. We have used their services in multiple locations for several years now. They have been very successful at saving us money and drastically reducing our risk and liability with work related incidents. "

Mike H.

Mike H.

VP of Risk Management

Zenith Logistics Inc

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Why Use Next Direct for Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is simply, the area where companies, employee health and medicine overlap. 

With locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and rapidly growing, at Next Direct Worx, we are protecting the health and safety of today’s workers and the financial health of our clients. 

Our first commitment to you; we will provide excellent care to your employees. Without great medical care, employees will be unhappy, complications will occur, treatment will be prolonged and costs will soar. 

Besides providing great care, we understand the workers’ compensation system, and it’s impact on your company’s financial health. We believe something that can be treated with first aid, should be treated with first aid only. We believe something that should be treated in 3 days shouldn’t take 14. 

At Next Direct Worx, we strive to do the right thing in all of our activities. Starting with the injured employee, we will make medical decisions based on scientifically proven treatments. When an employee needs work restrictions, they are based off guidelines unique to Next Direct. Over the years, this has reduced needless restrictions and medications, causing unnecessary recordable events. 

Next Direct has created an innovative concept on managing work related incidents by improving early symptom intervention and personal care to reduce recovery time and cost associated with work related injuries. We have spent years developing a model to cover every service a company of any size could need and/or want. We call it Next Direct Worx. We have offices throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky with the ability to expand rapidly. We are able to create and design a solution for every company’s need. All of our onsite and near site clinics are staffed by board certified medical professionals who understand that a healthy workforce is the life blood of any successful business. 

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You Want to Contain Costs…… We Want to Help You.

We understand that employee injuries and episodic care result in a loss of productivity. Why not decrease losses with a tailored solution of Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care and Wellness services provided right in your workplace? Employers of all sizes benefit from having onsite healthcare professionals, who build trust with both employees and employers, creating the foundation for a culture of health. Let Next Direct Worx be your expert partner through an onsite clinic. 

Bringing HealthCare Value to the Workplace. 

Having your very own clinic that offers health services brings value to your workplace and your employees. A clinic staffed full-time by a customized team of dedicated health care professionals makes our occupational health services and urgent care readily available. An onsite clinic can limit costly trips to the Emergency Room, reduce time away from work, and provide your employees with peace of mind, knowing that their needs will be met. The number of employers turning to our onsite health services is growing rapidly, as it is proven to improve productivity, reduce absentee rates and promote preventive health. Like staff at all NDW clinics, our onsite staff is trained to educate employees and provide a range of healthcare services. By partnering with our clients to solve today’s problems, our onsite clinic models have improved the overall health of the workforce and helped address healthcare-related costs for employers. 


Always On Call, Always Near By

With our always on call pledge, your injured workers will receive prompt and specialized care, minimizing wait hours or days for treatment. Personal care can be provided at one convenient locations or our providers can conduct a virtual visit through our exclusive telemedicine app. We have a model to fit any need and any size company.


Workplace Injuries

  • Injury Triage 
  • First Aid
  • Assessments and Treatment Provided By a Team of Healthcare Professionals Customized to Your Setting.
  • Full Compliance With State and Health Code Regulations. 

Physical Examinations

  • Onsite and Near Site DOT Physicals
  • Onsite and Near Site Executive Physicals
  • Onsite and Near Site Pre-Employment / Post Offer Physicals
  • 24/7 Onsite and Near Site Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Pulmonary Function Testing

Covid-19 Management

  • Indoor Observed and Unobserved Temperature Checks
  • Outdoor Observed and Unobserved Temperature Checks
  • Symptom Screening In- person and via Telemedicine
  • Onsite and Near Site Rapid and PCR Antigen Testing
  • Onsite and Near Site Rapid and Lab Based Antibody Testing
  • Return to Work Management Following Up to Date CDC Guidelines

Occupational Services

  • Ergonomic Assessments and Consultations
  • Job-site and Work Station Assessments
  • Direct Patient Care Services
  • Single Point of Contact for Injury Management
  • Corporate Wellness Incentives and Management

Preventive Services

  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Health Risk Assessments 
  • Biometric Screening
  • Travel Risk and Vaccinations