Cut Your Healthcare Spend By 25%

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Cut Your Healthcare Spend By 25%

The cost of healthcare continues to rise. In fact, “healthcare benefit costs are rising at two times the rate of wage increases and three times general inflation. Making this trend unaffordable and unsustainable over the long term,” according to a recent publication by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). The total cost of healthcare, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs for employees and dependents, is estimated to average $14,800 per employee in 2019, up from $14,099 this year. This is why Next Direct has enables methods to cut your healthcare spend by 25%.

This is the bad news. But, good news is employers are learning there are actionable steps to take to reduce the rising costs of healthcare.

Employers take control of healthcare costs

U.S. employers are implementing different methods of providing quality care for their employees, without breaking the bank. More than 77 percent of U.S. employers with 500 or more employees said helping these claimants manage their care effectively was important or very important. Employee health benefits enable employers to take control of spending while providing supportive resources to improve workforce health.

Cut Your Healthcare Spend by 25% with Next Direct

Cut Your Healthcare Spend by 25% with Next Direct

A convenient solution to a costly trend

Worksite healthcare provides high-quality, convenient care directly at or near the worksite. In an effort to improve and reduce costs, one third of U.S. employers with 5,000 or more employees have introduced this health benefit. Thus, providing individualized clinical care, health coaching, and health programming at the worksite helps employees identify health risks and supports overall health improvement.

Employers experience a 25% reduction in claims for employees using their worksite health center in the first year. Even more pronounced is the 36 percent claims savings for patients with chronic conditions. At Next Direct, we continually analyze claims data to ensure employers receive the value of their investment. Our focus on healthcare analytics provides insights on hard dollar claims savings. As well as workforce health improvements to prove the effectiveness of your worksite health center.

This approach allows us to target high cost patients to ensure they receive the right care, at the right time, and by the right provider to reduce overall costs. Worksite healthcare allows organizations to take a proactive role in controlling healthcare costs. It’s a simple equation that yields powerful results.